Swami Vivekanand Multi Specility Hospital Has been Established to provided World Class integrated healthcare facilities to all sections of the society at affordable prices whilst
maintaining high standard of ethical practice and professional Competency with emphasis on transparency and highest level of hospitality we have adopted the latest means to operate at a global
perspective and yet meet the norms, rules and regulations set by local, state and national authorities. We have Collective Bed Strength of 50 Beds.

Swami Vivekanand Multi-Specility Hospital is a Super Specialty hospital,Which is doing Critical Care, ENT, General Surgeries, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics and Joint Replacements, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Neuro-Surgeries, Laproscopic Surgeries, Cancer Surgeries and dialysis.
We Expect a Long Lasting Relationship With you and promise to keep no stone unturned to maintain highest level of Integrity and Veracity
that is expected between a Service Provider Like us and Your Organization.

  • 13 Specialist Doctors
  • 19 Happy Patients
  • 6 Rooms With Beds
  • 2 Awards Winnings


Swami Vivekanand Multi-Speciality Hospital aspires to be the most trusted and preferred healthcare provider in the region.


To provide quality healthcare and access to latest medical technology at affordable costs.


Provide high quality care services.
Obtain maximum customer satisfaction
Attain safe and healthy environment
Participate with other health care organisations to create healthy communities.
Be governed and managed effectively.
Maintain continuous quality improvements.
Provide safe and efficient training programs.