Our Facilities

  • 24x7 Blood Bank

    An in-house blood bank ensures the availability of all blood types as and when needed for inpatient treatments as well as emergency cases. We provide quality blood transfusion services with safe blood components 24/7 so that our patients receive complete care under one roof.

  • 24x7 Emergency

    We are known for providing advanced emergency services with rapid response for any kind of treatment. We have well-equipped emergency and trauma center with facilities of international standards. Our emergency department is always ready for these services.

  • 24x7 Ultrasound /CT/X-Ray

    The Radiology Department at Swami Vivekanand Hospital is recognized for their expertise in imaging and evaluating a broad spectrum of diseases and conditions using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with Ultrasound, CT and X-Ray.

  • Pharmacy

    The main aim of the pharmacy in the Hospital is to selection, prescription, delivery, administration and review of medications to optimize patient outcomes. The pharmacy in the hospital will function around the clock for dispensing medicines for the inpatients and outpatients.

  • Dialysis

    The Dialysis Center provides dialysis, a lifesaving treatment for patients with chronic kidney failure. The center is a hospital-based unit with dialysis stations. Dialysis does the work of the kidneys by cleansing the blood – removing waste and excess water.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy helps restore mobility and function to people who have been injured or are recovering from a surgery or affliction of some sort. It helps speed up recovery and improve overall quality of life. In addition to this, it can also reduce risk of potential future injury..

  • NICU

    Newborn babies who need intensive medical care are often put in a special area of the hospital called the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The NICU has advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to give special care for the tiniest patients.

  • 24x7 Laboratory

    Hospital has well equipped structural laboratory with cutting-technologies. The laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art automated instruments. Modern technology and experienced practitioners ensure that the best quality services are delivered to all patients.

  • Ambulance Services

    Our Ambulance Service in provides 24 hours, 365 days a year accident and emergency services to those in need of emergency medical treatment and transport support. It plays a vital role in the life support and providing critical care to the patients.

  • TMT

    TMT or cardiac stress test is used in cardiology to measure hearts ability to external stress in controlled clinical environment. In TMT, an ECG is done while you are doing exercise. It is done in healthy individuals as a preventive check up or in a post myocardial infarction patient.

  • Echo

    An echocardiogram (echo) is a graphic outline of the heart's movement. The test is used to assess the overall function of your heart., evaluate the effectiveness of your medical or surgical treatments and follow the progress of valve disease over time.